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Since 2015, we've been creating beautiful accessories for your home and office. From stainless steel mason jar soap dispensers to glass spray bottles, all the designs in our line are built to last, and are assembled in our studio in Freeville, New York. We use only the highest quality materials, bringing a touch of beauty to your life. To see our whole product line CLICK HERE to visit our Amazon store.

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Smooth sided glass pint jar with black foaming soap dispenser

Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser - Black - With 16 Ounce Smooth Sided Jar (clear-mj-foam-blk-16-1pk)

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This Jarmazing foaming soap dispenser holds a full pint of your favorite foaming soap, and looks darn cute too. Luxurious foam at your fingertips! We've paired a smooth sided pint mason jar with our patented mason jar adapter, and a durable...
Reviews 1-0 of 0
Reviews 1-0 of 0